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Jazz Standard gathered a panel at SXSW featuring digital innovators and influencers Christian Scott, Jacob Collier, and Billboard‘s Natalie Weiner, lead by Jazz Standard founder Tina Edwards.

In Jazz and the Digital Age, the panel explored what impact social media, streaming and online platforms have had on jazz. Watch the stream below.

Christian Scott, who announced that he will be white-labelling his award-winning Stretch Music app, highlighted his opinions around genre categorisation. The trumpeter – who went to the first desegregated school in the States – said, “we don’t think about the fact that the way that music is disseminated to us is hyper-racialised”.

Jacob Collier -who was discovered by Quincy Jones after launching his career on Youtube – shared that he thinks some people are stuck in “what jazz was, rather than what jazz is”. Watch from 11.40 to find out how these points set an interesting context to explore how artists present themselves on social media and Youtube.

Of music streaming, Natalie Weiner, former Associate Editor at Billboard said, “streaming services offer such a great platform for music discovery, and really lower the barrier to entry [into jazz]”.

However, there’s an argument to support that jazz isn’t being completely utilised on platforms like Spotify. Natalie revealed thatin 2016, forty-eight per cent of jazz record money came from physical albums”.

Following the news that Yussef Kamaal and United Vibrations had their ESTAs revoked days before their SXSW showcase, we also explored what impact social media could have played on this decision.


Watch or listen to the panel to see what Christian, Jacob, Natalie and Tina had to say about Youtube and streaming, as well as Instagram, the image of jazz, music journalism and more. You can also check out the live demonstration of Christian Scott‘s Stretch Music app.

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