Under The Influence \\ Belgian band STUFF.

Alternative experimenters STUFF. have just released their most alluring album to date, Old Dreams New Planets. Start to watch the new video for axlotl – made by Frederik Jassogne – and you’ll decide that actually you can and should procrastinate for another 4.45 minutes. 

Once you’ve watched it, check out what five jazz albums inspire STUFF.. They tell us in their own words as we take them Under The Influence.

Thelonious Monk \\ Criss Cross

Very beautiful compositions with a super naive open childish approach; Monk had a personal style, and was a big influencer for everything jazz and non-jazz in music. And always dressed to win; a true giant.

Jimmy Guiffry \\ Music for People, Birds, Butterflies and Mosquitoes

Originally from the West-Coast cool jazz scene – and very important later on in the free improvised scene – was horn player Jimmy Guiffre. This album is a kind of minimal approach to late John Coltrane’s modal jazz and free jazz style. Very deep, though way more gentle than Ornette Coleman’s type of free, very cinematographic playing. A lot of people don’t know about him, which is a shame.

Gil Evans \\ The individualism of Gil Evans

Gil Evans became famous as an arranger for Miles Davis. Very innovative at that time, they left the traditional arrangement paths, and it seems like they started more from colours to match instruments and compositions.

Joe Lovano \\ Trio fascination

Modern jazz at his best; in the tradition, but not an epos. This album builds on the roots of a 1950s jazz trio. The sound is the same, but the way they play is so innovative and new. It’s modern yet at the same time you’ll hear the history of jazz in it; very forward thinking.

Jozef Dumoulin & The Red Hill Orchestra \\ Trust

Keyboardist Jozef Dumoulin is definitely a favourite for the whole band. Again, a very personal style. On this record in trio with Dan Weiss on drums and Ellery Eskelin on tenor sax, you hear highly poetic and emotional compositions. They’re very clear and approachable even though it’s very complex.

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