Track premiere \\ Ropeadope guitarist E Scott Lindner reveals ‘Castles In Air’

Ropeadope, the Philadelphia label home to Christian Scott, Terrace Martin’s The Pollyseeds and Ollie Howell, reveal the self-titled album from guitarist E Scott Lindner.

Based in New York City, E Scott Lindner has been building his reputation as a guitarist, recording engineer, producer. It’s in the city—Queens to be exact—that Lindner recorded his self-titled release for Ropeadope imprint Infinity Gritty; an album that was only loosely prepared before ten musicians walked into Samurai Hotel Recording Studio.

Our favourite track on the album, Castles In Air, is like a dream unfolding; it begins with spacious anticipation, thin and light like the air of the title. However, with space to unfurl, Henry Terepka‘s vibraphone strikes above Pablo Eluchans‘s polyrhythms, and the narrative unravels. John Lake‘s trumpet weaves a disconcerting, woeful melody, reminiscent of the melancholy in Tomasz Stańko’s Terminal 5.

Castles In Air grows darker and more alluring over the 8 minute track. Lindner feels no need to grasp limelight here; his gentle strokes float so gently that you might not notice them on first listen. They weave a thread amongst the group. The track unravels like a beautiful dream that is threatened by the discovery of a dark castle that you can’t walk away from.

Of Castles In Air, Lindner says, “As with the rest of the album, only the song, form and general vibe was written before the session. Once all the musicians were in the same room, we all wrote the song together on the spot. We did maybe three takes of the song, and what you hear was all recorded live in the studio”.

“The idea was to capture a moment in time, which I believe has become somewhat of a lost art, especially with today’s recording standards”, says Lindner. “If you listen to Castles In Air, at around 5:30 you can here the upright bass player, Carlos Mena, aggressively humming along with his playing, not knowing it was being recorded. It’s a perfect example of being in the moment and feeling the music. That’s the essence of this album”.

E Scott Lindner is via Ropeadope Imprint Infinity Gritty on 28 July

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