Jazz Beats and Flow Mix 02 \\ Three Body Trio

Glitchy beat magicians Three Body Trio curate a Jazz Beats and Flow mix for Jazz Standard featuring Congi, Revenu and Elsa Hewitt. 

The Nottingham beatmakers hit Serious Space Shoreditch 0n 19 May as part of Brownswood’s Future Bubblers line up.

We chatted to Tom from Three Body Trio about Nottingham’s music scene and the delicious selections in their Jazz Beats and Flow mix.

\\ You’re based in Nottingham describe the music scene for us?

There are a lot of music collectives in Nottingham. Some putting out amazing music and others bringing amazing artists to the City. Due to Nottingham’s size, there’s not always something for everyone and you often have to create your own outlet. This is reflected by the amount of small businesses here. We’ve helped launch a new record label here, Running Circle, with the release of Yazmin Lacey‘s debut EP, something which was in the works a while.

\\ Tell us some of the selection choices in your mix

There are a lot of new and old selections, many a combination of Jazz and Electronic styles. We also feature a few cosmic sounds and loose rhythms. The first half hour showcases some of our own tunes and those of Congi, Revenu and Elsa Hewitt – fellow Future Bubblers, all performing at Serious Space Shoreditch.

\\ You’re performing at Serious Space Shoreditch as part of the Future Bubbler’s Night. What’s the vibe you’re bringing to the festival?

We have a lot of new music to share, some to move your feet and some to rotate your minds. We’ll have our usual set up of hot-wired electronics with the addition of Pete’s saxophone – the key to another world.

\\ What’s coming up for Three Body Trio?

We’re soon to release our third digital EP, followed by a 12″ on Running Circle end of summer.

\\ Track List

John Hughes Daydream \\ Ebony Eyes

Elsa Hewitt \\ For My Bird 

Three Body Trio \\ Qianlong

Hodini \\ Cheese

Weldon Irvine \\ I Love You

Yazmin Lacey \\ Protection

Henry Wu Feat. Simeon Jones \\ Just Negotiate (Kaidi Tatham Remix)

Revenu \\ Inject

Jovonn \\ Garage Shelter

Three Body Trio \\ Shinco 

Omar S \\ Set Me Out 

Reflektor \\ Chichen Itza 

Dam Funk \\ Gold

Eddie Harris \\ Carnival

Congi \\ Hard Boiled 

To Rococo Rot And I-Sound \\ Overhead

The Timewriter \\ Almost Lost

AtJazz \\ The Walk Home

Trusme \\ Narda

Alex Rototsky / Yuri Parfenov \\ Once Upon a Time in the City of Kazan

STL \\ Kinetic Fare

Sagats & Madi Grein \\ You Gotta

Hauntologists \\ Mirror 

Dennis Ayler \\ No Comment

KZRC \\ Thoughts…Sunny Day 

Caswell James \\ Corazon Angustiado (Juju & Jordash Remix)

CSMS \\ Acidattack

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