Radio \\ SXSW Special ft Moses Boyd, Sarathy Korwar and more

SXSW hosted its first ever UK jazz showcase this year. Jazz Standard brought Sarathy Korwar and GoGo Penguin to play alongside Native Dancer and Moses Boyd Exodus.

Shabaka Hutchings lead an incredible impromptu set before the bands came together for a solidarity jam; Yussef Kamaal and United Vibrations couldn’t perform due to band members having their ESTAs revoked days before they were due to play.

SXSW \ Jazz Standard’s artists tore it up

Sarathy Korwar dedicated a track to Yussef Kamaal and United Vibrations on the night. Of the ban, he told Jazz Standard, “more than anything else, I’m really gutted for them. It’s a huge issue… the fact that they’re so important to the whole movement of British jazz as well – I felt like it’s the least I could do, to let people know in the audience that they couldn’t be here for what seems like very obviously discriminative reasons”.

Find out what else the artists had to say, and listen to interviews with the acts recorded fresh from the stage, as well as a live exert from SXSW.

Track List

Native Dancer \\ Love

Sarathy Korwar \\ Bismillah

United Vibrations \\ Grow

Shabaka Hutchings, Moses Boyd, Theon Cross \\ Improvised performance (live exert)

Moses Boyd Exodus \\ Rye Lane Shuffle

Yussef Kamaal \\ Strings Of Light

Listen to a full length interview with GoGo Penguin pianist Chris Illingworth, recorded fresh off stage, too.

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