SXSW Playlist \\ UK Jazz takeover

Start packing your headphones, band tees and make room for tacos; SXSW begins next week, and the UK are taking over the festival with a flurry of genre-breaking artists.

If you haven’t heard already (follow us on Twitter and Instagram for updates), Jazz Standard are heading to Austin, Texas with eight of the biggest acts on the scene – seven of them from the UK.

We’ve made a Spotify playlist featuring Moses Boys Exodus, Yussef Kamaal, United Vibrations, Native Dancer, Sarathy Korwar, GoGo Penguin, Christian Scott and Jacob Collier. If you’re coming out to SXSW, it’ll get you in the mindset for our stage and panel on 15 March. If you’re not, download it and get the vibes nonetheless.

If you are at SXSW, block 0ut March 15 for two reasons; Jazz Standard‘s panel – Jazz in the Digital Age – will feature Christian Scott, Jacob Collier, Billboard‘s Natalie Weiner and JS founding Editor Tina Edwards. Together they’ll be dissecting the impact that social media, online platforms and streaming have had on the genre and its fans. Read more about it here.

That evening, at popular SXSW venue The MainYussef Kamaal, Moses Boyd Exodus, GoGo Penguin and others will be playing live. For Native Dancer and Sarathy Korwar, it’s their first ever live show on American soil. Minds will be blown; bring appropriate footwear. Read more here, and enjoy our SXSW playlist.

Want to win a £10 iTunes voucher? Take 2 minutes to fill out our quick survey which will help us provide our own stats for Jazz and the Digital Age. Just complete it and tell us on Twitter what you’d buy on iTunes, using #DigitalJazz. 

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