SXSW \\ Jazz Standard’s artists tore it up

It was queues around the block to get into the British Underground and Jazz re:freshed showcase at SXSW.

Jazz Standard presented Sarathy Korwar and GoGo Penguin to a packed audience at Main II for their SXSW debuts, supported by the PRS International Showcase Fund.


Main II SXSW \\ Jazz Standard LTD 2017 ©

Korwar‘s field recordings played out beneath his dynamic rhythms. Saxophonist Binker Golding – one half of Binker and Moses – was particularly popular with the crowds when performing with Korwar. Track Bismillah was dedicated to “friends who should be here” United Vibrations and Yussef Kamaal, who had their ESTAs revoked.


GoGo Penguin reinstated that they have no reliance on their usual stage visuals to blow an audience away. Die hard fans and newcomers to their music lapped up tracks from their most recent album Manmade Object, as well as fan favourite Garden Dog Barbeque. Listen to our interview with GoGo Penguin pianist Chris Illingworth, recorded just after they came off stage at SXSW.

Native Dancer had audiences lured in with danceable beats. Vocalist Freda divulged some soulful, neo-soul laden vocals on the night.

Saxophonist Shabaka Hutchings – who performed in what would have been United Vibrations‘ slot – performed a relentless set. Playing unbroken for thirty minutes with Moses Boyd and Theon Cross, the front two rows learnt what it was to dance like a Londoner.

Watch \ Jazz in the Digital Age at SXSW

Moses Boyd and Theon Cross continued for their second of three sets in the night, but energy didn’t dip for Boyd’s Exodus.

In tribute to the artists who could not complete the line-up as planned, a solidarity jam brought the night to a climax, featuring artists from across the line up. Check out the night in pictures below.

sxsw jazz

Sarathy Korwar at SXSW \\ Jazz Standard LTD 2017 ©

sxsw jazz

Moses Boyd Exodus at SXSW \\ Jazz Standard LTD 2017 ©

sxsw jazz

Shabaka Hutchings \\ Jazz Standard LTD 2017 ©

sxsw jazz

British Jazz at SXSW \\ Jazz Standard LTD 2017 ©

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