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As a final farewell to commemorate the 50th year since John Coltrane’s passing, Jazz Standard have put together a playlist that celebrates his influences and subsequent legacy among both contemporaries and the generations that followed. Our playlist spans the constellation-checking, cosmically-endowed beneficiaries of Sun Ra to the 21 year old south-east London soul singer Poppy Ajudha.

With a rich history in Afrocentrism, artists have turned to mystical devotion to celebrate their heritage and respond to oppression, as well as to envisage the futuristic society of black culture and identity. Coltrane inspired and helped promote many younger talents including Archie Shepp and Sonny Sharrock.

However, not bound by time or space, spiritual jazz encompasses much more beyond just afro-jazz. John’s wife, Alice Coltrane took solace in the death of her husband by exploring the tantric practices of Indian teachings, demonstrated in her Journey in Satchidananda. Tony Scott continues to explore the connection with jazz and Buddhism, most recent with The Indonesian Allstars. Yet, this mysticism is prevalent under Christian and Islamic influences with just as much vigour; something Donald Byrd actively sought in creating A New Perspective with its hymnal resonance.

Rather than being a solemn ode to John Coltrane, his death marks a celebration of what he was a part of and helped to push forward.  

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