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Percussionist and producer Sarathy Korwar bares the Gilles Peterson stamp of approval; he was mentored by the broadcaster as recipient of the Steve Reid Innovation Award, and was one of the first artists named to be playing his worldwide awards in January 2017. Korwar’s debut album Day To Day was released on tastemaking label Ninja Tune and the Steve Reid Foundation, and is associated with London’s Internationally recognised jazz scene. Oh – and most importantly – the album is an incredibly intricate, exciting piece of sonic artwork.

Born in the US, raised in India and based in London, Sarathy Korwar has the geographical movements of a great tale’s protagonist. The percussionist has a lot to give, and various musical voices through which to share it. It’s difficult to locate an epicentre in Korwar’s music. From its instrumentation to its sense of timing, the most obvious starting place is Indian folk music. Many of Korwar’s percussive phrases are cyclical – not linear like traditional Western music. Team Korwar’s adventurous interpretations of traditional Indian music with electronics and jazz sensibilities, and this becomes wildly unfamiliar territory. Korwar doesn’t simply bring these unlikely trio of musical landscapes together – he threads them to sound as though they were woven together all along.

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