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There’s a scene that’s bubbling in Brighton, UK. The city boasts some of the some cool venues (check Patterns, Concorde 2) as well as The Great Escape, Europe’s leading festival for new music.

Much like Melbourne, the English coastal city has its own distinctive neo-soul sound. In its epicentre you’ll find Francesca Fulmini, Bobbie Johnson, Lebeaux, and Normanton Street, whose members Ned and Nicholson founded QM Records. Nicholson gives us the low down on the label.

\\ Why did the label launch?

From a very early age the two of us – myself and Ned – had always wanted to run an independent record label. After the first couple of years of Normanton Street we thought it was time to create a platform to release our own music. We also strongly believed that there was an incredible amount of unseen and unheard talent in Brighton. Many acts wanted to collaborate with us and venues wanted us to run events with them. It has been much easier to do so with our record label. Lastly I think we wanted to provide that stepping stone between real grass roots level music and becoming a more established act.

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\\ Describe the sound and vibe of Brighton’s music scene?

Just as a place Brighton is real eclectic and full new vibes each year. This is definitely reflected in the music. Its hard to say something real specific but there has been an increase in soulful sounds in the last couple of years I’d say.

\\ Tell us about the label’s proudest moment to date?

It was quite recently actually. Earlier this year in October we held a QM Records event over in Paris with Normanton Street headlining and two real good Brighton acts supporting – Bobbie Johnson and Just Like Fruit. It felt great being able to spread the sounds further afield.

\\ What advice would you give to musicians who want to start a label?

For me there are two main things. Firstly, to remember that the quality of the music comes first before anything else. Secondly, to understand that the rules are constantly changing – there are no rules.

\\ What are you releasing in 2017?

We’re currently looking at releasing a special project with Frankie Stew which is in the works at the moment. Early 2017 expect to see something from Francesca Fulmini and possibly Tilda Allie. The next year will surely be quite a busy one for both QM Records and Normanton Street. Keep it locked.

Main picture credit: Myles J Burrell

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