Pavel Dovgal ft MuJuice \\ Jazz Standard Premiere

Pavel Dovgal‘s rattling snare, gloopy synths and rainy pitter-patter make Quency one of our favourites tracks on his upcoming album The Aura, released 25 November on Project Mooncircle. Pavel is joined by fellow Russian electrophile Mujuice on the track Quency, and we have the premiere, below.

The former Red Bull Music Academy resident in St Petersburg has been gathering collaborators for his new release, including vocalists Graciela MariaStarving Yet Full, and L.A. rapper BLU.

Pavel shares that “Asia, hip-hop and jazz music of the 70’s” have influenced the upcoming release, whilst he also reveals that he draws creative energy from some of Jazz Standard’s favourite artists including Lonnie Liston SmithAlice Coltrane and Thom Yorke.

The Aura, Pavel Dovgal

The Aura, Pavel Dovgal

The Aura is Pavel‘s third album, following his 2013 release Bedouin on Monoclockmusic. and his debut Cassiopeia on Project Mooncircle. 

The Aura comes out worldwide on limited grey-marbled vinyl, which you can pre-order here.

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