Omar Rahbany \\ Track Premiere

Mouwashahat is the leading single from Passport, the debut album of ambitious composer Omar Rahbany. A few seconds into the luscious orchestration, which draws on something spiritual by its jazz influences, could fool you into thinking it’s a new track from Matthew Halsall. In fact, as a chorus of singers emerge, Mouwashahat unfolds to reveal a unique insight into the diversity of music from the Middle East.

Featuring 180 musicians of 12 different nationalities, it took Beirut based Rahbany to complete Passport. The album – which includes Grammy award winners and critically acclaimed artists – cannot help but be influenced by socio-political circumstances in the Middle East; Beirut is a city that is split between three languages, eighteen religions, and a history that is constantly being debated over and rewritten.


Raining piano licks, busy orchestral layers and fireworks (yes, the track really does go out with a bang) provide a fascinating peephole for Passport. Of the album, Rahbany says;

“The melting pot of cultures I grew up in, the double-edged sword that shaped me as a person, the confusion, the creativity, the struggle itself is my identity. I am a citizen of planet Earth and my nationality is that of a human being. This is my passport”.

The album is released 10 March 2017. Find out more here

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