EP Preview \\ Meet Brighton’s truthsayer Mrisi

Pianist Mrisi deals in words. To call him a poet, a commentator, a musician? Each goes some way to describing his artistry. Based in Brighton, UK – a coastal town which is quickly growing wide recognition for its distinctive neo-soul scene – he’s teamed up with vocal duo Mwetcha (Scarlett Fletcher and Sylvia Mwenze).

A live recording from Mrisi‘s mother’s house, Mamela is a work of resilience and conscience; it has the ability to make us realise how much impact our words can have. Mamela is released digitally and physically at 7PM on 30 April via QM Records, and we’ve selected three of our favourite tracks to celebrate the release.

Black Lives Matter is an awakening track. Mwetcha’s soulful harmonies support Mrisi‘s moving commentary on police brutality. Bite My Tongue  – with its shuffling piano hook and creative phrasing – dissects the actions of MPs. The South Coast artist performs the track with objectivity in his lyricism; “Those kids are just trying to grow up, but it’s hard to study in school when it’s recently just been blown up”. In Stand Up Strong, Mrisi continues his political commentary, this time on climate change.

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Mrisi performs at the Alternative Escape on 18 May as part of Jazz Standard and QM Records‘ showcase. Other artists on the line up include Blue Lab Beats, All The People and Kyan.

No need to wait to catch him live; Mrisi celebrates the release of Mamela at Dead Wax Social in Brighton on Sunday 30 April. Some of Brighton’s fastest rising artists including rapper Bobbie JohnsonHatter, Lebeaux and Eyez will also be making an appearance. Entry is free, so get down early for the hang.

Mamela is available on streaming platforms and to order at 7PM GMT on 30 April via QM Records.

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