Loud liberation \\ AFROPUNK Paris is a noisy declaration of self-identity

No doubt that after this third edition, Afropunk established itself as the musical headline of the shades and tints of the Parisian summer. Rising in attendance and reputation whilst making a home of a larger venue in La Villette, Afropunk Paris presented a line-up that satisfied International expectations and ambitions. Good news for the movement, whose acceptance, liberation and love deserves a limitless diffusion.

FFF (Federation Française de Funk) paid tribute to the most iconic French groovy punk band of the 90-00s. As a true heir of George Clinton’s P, Marco Prince and his band made a strong show, switching from funky bass line to heavy rock horn riff. Reminding us of the mind-blowing masterpiece movie La Haine. The young audience pierced the music with punchy expression. 

Since their milestone live in Rennes — the punkiest city in France according to some well informed rockers — duo Nova Twins became the rising representative of the English noise scene in France. From February to November this year, they’ve planned no fewer than thirty shows in the country. They proudly served as the youngest spokeswomen for Afropunk this year alongside SATE! Paris marked their halfway tour this summer; fifteen more to go and they still continue to fascinate the crowd, blown by heavy frequencies and inspiring Afropunk female power.

What better place for a Grammy awarded jazz pianist to do what he does the best, than the Charlie Parker space of La Halle de la Villette. In this new venue, the Robert Glasper Experiment takes on a full meaning. As a worthy descendant of Charlie Parker’s avant-garde jazz, Robert Glasper brought an enthusiastic crowd to another level of psychedelic awareness.

Punk is how you go forward, with creativity and without concern for the norms set by an establishment. As Miles Davis before him, Glasper is blending genres so convincingly that he carries the jazz spirit outside the box.

Afropunk hits London 23-23 July

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JS | Pierre Brochard

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