Listen to our Future of Jazz panel ft Kamasi Washington, Theon Cross and Camilla George

At Love Supreme Festival, Tina Edwards picked the brains of Kamasi Washington, Theon Cross and Camilla George about the current Jazz wave and what its future looks like.

The impact of hip hop and grime, social media and music streaming were all drivers discussed on the panel at The Verve Lounge.

Brainfeeder’s Kamasi Washington expressed what excites him most about the exciting wave of emerging artists, and cited the musician to his right; “When I saw Theon… he was playing tuba, and I was like, ‘I never thought I’d hear someone playing tuba like that'”. What excites Kamasi about where the movement is going? “I can’t imagine the unknown. I get excited about someone coming up and hearing them blow me away”.

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Jazz started off as dance music, and it’s coming back to that train of thought says UK saxophonist Camilla George. She added that “Jazz has always bean a popular music. It evolves and it might make it sway through to mainstream charts I think”.

Theon Cross talked about how the current UK Jazz sound grew from a small collective of like-minded musicians and promoters. Amongst Tomorrow’s Warriors and Jazz re:freshed, he drew attention to Steez; “A night run in South London – that’s where I first played with Moses, Poppy Ajudha, Ezra Collective… everyone. On top of that there’s another festival called Brainchild”.

Listen to the entire 45 minute panel on Mixcloud.

Jazz Standard presented the Future of Jazz ft Kamasi Washington, Theon Cross and Camilla George \\ Verve Records @ Verve Jazz Lounge, Love Supreme Festival 2017

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