Influential Guitarist \\ Jeff Parker

In a rare interview, influential guitarist of Tortoise, Isotope 217º and Chicago Underground talks to Jazz Standard. Following the release of his solo album The New Breed earlier this year, he reflects on moments of stage fright, tells us about his next solo album, and explains his unusual method of guitar-playing.

In a show heavy with tunes from Chicago and London on this edition, we play new releases that take us right up until the end of September including music from Shabaka Hutchings and Adele’s eccentric pianist Neil Cowley.

Track List

Butcher Brown \\ Dusk On Crenshaw

Neil Cowley Trio \\ The City and the Stars

Aleem Kahn \\ Marzipan

Hotmood \\ Darraraw

Gregory Charles Royal \\ Take A Ride To Heaven

Soccer96 \\ Feels Right

Melliflux \\ Waiting for You (feat Krissy Twigge)

Future Prospect \\ B.A.M

Sev Saveer \\ Televised Chocolate

Shabaka and the ancestors \\ Joyous


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