\\ Has social media made jazz trendy?

It’s one of the questions we’ll be getting to the bottom of at our SXSW panel, Jazz in the Digital Age. With double Grammy award winning Jacob Collier, Christian Scott, and Billboard’s Natalie Weiner, Tina Edwards will be digging deep.

Sure – we’re curious to work out what impact jazz artists make on our lifestyle choices – Instagram selfies are so much cooler with an instrument, right? But we have some other questions, too.

Some topics require us to ask you guys for the answers. Where are you most likely to hear about a gig; online, poster, or word of mouth? And how often are 25-34 year olds watching live jazz?

Here’s the clincher – we have an 8 question survey and we want you to take it. We propose it’ll take 2 minutes. If you complete it quicker than that, tweet us and we’ll favourite your tweet and make you feel good.

Before you click away or get distracted by yet another dull email, allow us to tell you that one survey filler-outer will be awarded a £10 itunes voucher. No one ever actually does these things, right? Good – THE CHANCES ARE HIGH.

You can complete the super quick survey here. For a chance of winning, complete the survey, and tweet us @jazz_standard with #digitaljazz, telling us what you’d spend a £10 itunes voucher on. 

What are we going to do with your answers? NOTHING SCARY, CHILL IT. It will help to inform our pointers for our SXSW panel. Following our time in Austin, we’ll be publishing a feature or essay of sorts about our research and findings – the first ever in-depth look at jazz and the digital age. We’re exploring social media, algorithms and the image of jazz. We’d love for you guys to help us out with it. Much respect.

Winner picked and announced on social media 6th March. 

Read more about our SXSW panel.


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