Braxton Cook Track Premiere \\ Until

Braxton Cook is breaking out of the tired restraints that are expected of so many musicians who play a jazz instrument.

Saxophonist Braxton Cook‘s debut album Somewhere In Between, released via Fresh Selects on April 13, represents its name by audio and concept; Jazz might feel like an obvious tag, but listen closely to Cook‘s songwriting and you’ll recognise pop hooks and R&B undertones.

Ahead of its release tonight, we’re premiering Until, an animated instrumental that dances within a 3:32 pop song structure.

Gloopy bass notes and busy keys slide beneath Braxton Cook‘s fired up melodies. Listening to Until is akin to the best three and a half minutes of a live jazz set; it takes you straight to the fire, but you don’t feel like you’ve been dropped somewhere in the middle. Until is as inviting as it is stimulating.

Somewhere In Between is Cook‘s first release since Braxton Cook Meets Butcher Brown in 2015. Since then, he’s been touring with Christian Scott, and working towards his first release as both a saxophonist and vocalist.

Download the album Somewhere In Between from Bandcamp.

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