Introducing Adam Naas \\ Under The Influence

France has a rising artist to boast about. Having supported St Germain and Gregory Porter recently, vocalist Adam Naas is soaring off the back of his debut self titled EP. Absorbent synths sit underneath Naas’ whispy warm vocals on the melancholic track Fading Away, a highly addictive track. As a fanboy for jazz of the older variety, we thought it right to take Naas under the influence.

\\ Tell us about some of your favourite jazz releases?

Well I don’t know a lot about jazz music per say. I’m stuck with the classics such as Ella Fitzgerald, Chet Baker, John Coltrane, Frank Sinatra, Sarah Vaughan or Peggy Lee for the most part (which is plenty enough I guess..). “Is that all there is” is an amazing performance to me, I love Sarah Vaughan’s rhythm and Chet Baker’s softness when he sings. So… you know. Voices are my thing I guess.

\\ You recently performed with St Germain at London Jazz Festival; can you remember what you thought the first time you heard his music?

 The first time I heard them was actually at London Jazz Festival. I was overwhelmed by the place and it was actually my first concert abroad. When I heard the music I was really pleased actually, the intro was fantastic. I understood why so many people wanted to see and hear his music.

\\ What artists are you listening to at the moment?

I’m really into the Fat White Family. I think they are amazing. Ry X‘s album Dawn is definitely the one I’m listening the most at the moment though.  

\\ Tell us about a song or album you remember from your childhood.

The one with all Pokémon’s songs (in French of course). I knew all the songs, I was so in love with that album. I thinks it’s the first one I ever got

\\ Do you have an album that you return to time and time again?

Chris Garneau‘s first album I think, Music for Tourists. It’s brilliant. I know all the songs. I love listening to this album when I’m kind of sad, depressed and when I think that the world sucks because people are stupid. Strangely it makes me feel better about everything. Even though the songs are sad and nostalgic, it feels like a silver lining.

Trust me, make yourself a good cup of tea (my manager has the best tea on earth, ask him to give you some), relax and listen to this album.

\\ Tell us about your 2017, what do you have planned?

I don’t have any idea and, I guess, that’s why I’m happy. Being lost is cool!

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